How to Remove the Windshield Wiper Arm From a Honda

by Justin Obrien
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Your windshield wipers can easily be forgotten until you need them. On occasion you should check to make sure your complete windshield wiper is in top operating condition.

Step 1

Make sure the the wiper blade is secure and attached to the windshield wiper structured bow; if not, buy a replacement wiper blade to install on the windshield wiper structured bow. Time and weather can cause the rubber blade to become frayed and detached and this can cause the blade to malfunction and possibly the steel windshield wiper structured bow to scrape your windshield.

Step 2

Connect the windshield wiper structured bow to the windshield wiper arm.

Step 3

Remove the windshield wiper arm. The windshield wiper arm attaches to your vehicle via a single retaining nut just below the windshield; remove the windshield wiper arm by using pliers or a vise-grip to take off the nut and then pull off the windshield wiper arm. (You can remove the wiper blade and the windshield wiper structured bow from the windshield wiper arm or leave them attached, ultimately you will have to remove them once you buy a new wiper arm to install.)

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