How to Remove Window Tinting With a Hairdryer

by Lauren Wise

Window tinting protects you and your car windows from the elements, especially heat and bright sunlight. Sometimes, window tinting bubbles up, peels or comes off, and then it is up to you to remove it. Instead of bringing your car to a pricey car-repair center, try removing the window tinting yourself with a hairdryer. It takes some time, but will save you money in the long run.

Sit inside your car with your hairdryer, facing the window where you want to remove the tint. Turn the hairdryer to the hot setting and aim it at one corner of the window to loosen the tint.

Peel off a corner of the tint slowly and carefully while it is still hot. Peel off as much of the tint as possible--ideally, in one sheet. Repeat the process on each window.

Fill a spray bottle with adhesive remover. Spray the adhesive remover on any loose window tint pieces and let it sit for about ten minutes.

Carefully scrape off remaining bits of window tint with the edge of a razor blade.

Wipe each window clean with a towel and use Windex to thoroughly clean the glass.


  • close Be careful when working with the razor blade so you don't scratch the glass.

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