How to Remove Window Tint From Plexiglas

by Aram Khayatpour

Many people enjoy tinting Plexiglas because it helps to block out some of the sun's harmful UV rays and can improve the appearance of their vehicle. But over time window tint can become damaged and warped, requiring owners to remove and replace it. Doing so is a simple task you can do in a few minutes as long as you have the right tools and the right method.

Steam the edge of the Plexiglas for one minute with your steamer.

Use the plastic razor to pick at the window tint on the edge of the Plexiglas that you steamed. If it does not come up easily, continue to steam the edge until it does, and then pick at it with the plastic razor until you have pulled up enough tint to hold onto with your fingers.

Gently pull the window tint until you have pulled all of it off the Plexiglas.

Inspect the Plexiglas for any excess pieces of glue and use the steamer and the plastic razor to remove them.

Clean the Plexiglas with a multisurface cleaner and paper towels.


  • check If you accidentally rip the tinting and cannot pull the piece that is still on the window, simply steam the edge of the tint and repeat the process again.


  • close Be very careful when picking at the Plexiglas or when cleaning it, because it is easy to scuff.

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