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How to Remove Dual Wheels to Repair Rear Brakes

by Jody L. Campbell

Removing the rear wheels of a one-ton dually pickup truck is a lot easier then performing the brake repair. There are a couple things to pay attention to when reinstalling the wheels. Lining up the wheels in the fashion they were removed is also a helpful hint for reinstallation. There will be special tools involved to do this safely and efficiently, so if you do not have these tools, perhaps it's better left up to qualified technicians.

Park the truck on a flat paved or concrete surface. Place the wheel chocks in front of each front wheel.

Break the lug nuts loose on the rear tires using the breaking bar, extension and appropriate size socket. For leverage, you could add a 3-foot-long pipe to the end of the breaking bar. Find a pipe that fits the shaft of the breaking bar snugly but not too tight.

Lift the rear of the truck using the truck jack placed under the rear axle by the lower shock mount.

Place the heavy-duty jack stand as close to the wheel as possible under the axle. Repeat the procedure for the other side to elevate the rear axle.

Remove the lug nuts.

Remove the wheels (outside first, then inside). In some cases, the wheels are stuck to the hub and may need to be shocked off or broken free from the large hub of the rear axle. This is a challenging task with a truck only raised a few inches off the ground. Spraying a lubricant around the hub-to-rim connection and striking the tire (on the rubber sidewall near the rim) with a large hammer or heavy bar will help. Diligence and tenacity will pay off.

Take note that the outside wheel rim contours inward and the interior wheel rim contours outward. There also may be a small pin on the hub of the interior rim that would inset into a hole on the hub of the outside rim. This is not always the case on dual rear-wheel trucks, but if they're present and you try to reinstall the tires without lining them up properly, you're going to incur damage to the lug studs, rims and hub.

Place the interior wheel next to the outside wheel in such a way that you know which is which when it comes time for reinstallation. Repeat the procedure for the other side.


  • Torque the lug nuts to proper foot pound specifications required for your dual rear-wheel pickup after reinstallation. The owner's manual should have this information for you.

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