How to Remove a Water Pump From a 4.9 Ford Engine

by Nathaniel Miller

The Ford 4.9 engine is a strong, dependable engine that can provide hundreds of thousands of miles of use if maintained correctly. Part of that correct maintenance is keeping the cooling system in good working order. The water pump is an integral piece of the cooling system, as it is this small pump that circulates water throughout the engine to keep its parts from overheating and seizing up. Removing the water pump--either for replacement or inspection--is relatively easy, and can be performed by any home mechanic.

Step 1

Crawl under the vehicle and locate the drain plug on the passenger's side of the bottom of the radiator. Use crescent wrenches to loosen and remove the plug, and allow all of the coolant to drain into your catch container.

Step 2

Locate the hose running from the left side of the radiator to the water pump housing located on the side of the engine. Use a screwdriver to loosen the hose clamp and then slide the hose off of the water pump housing.

Step 3

Use the crescent wrench to remove the four mounting bolts holding the water pump housing onto the engine. Slide the housing off and pull the water pump off as well. You can now inspect the pump or replace it.

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