How to Remove a Steering Wheel Lock

by Deborah Cohn

The Club is a car-theft prevention device designed to prevent thieves from driving the car. It's a steel bar that hooks around the inside of the steering wheel that prevents the wheel from being turned. It can, of course, be removed with the key that came with the device, but if that key is lost or damaged, the car owner is stranded until a locksmith arrives, and a professional removing the device can be expensive. Fortunately you can remove the device yourself. Keep in mind, though, that these methods will effectively destroy the device and you won't be able to use it again.

Remove Lock with Screwdriver

Step 1

Remove the Club with a flat-head screwdriver. The lock of the Club is not too sturdy. Insert a screwdriver into the lock and drive it further into the lock by banging on the handle with an hammer. This strips the gears of the lock cylinder.

Step 2

Once the gears are sheared off, you can turn the lock with the screwdriver.

Once the lock is open, extend the steel rod and remove the device. This brute-force method is not guaranteed to work. If you have no luck with this method, try the Freon method.

Remove Lock with Freon

Step 1

Remove the Club with freon. Buy a can of freon and attach the valve stem.

Step 2

Spray the freon onto the slot of the Club's lock. This will ice over the lock. Be extremely careful not to touch the freon, as it is very harmful if it comes in contact with skin.

Using a hammer, tire iron or other blunt object, hit the frozen part of the lock. This will shatter the metal and you can remove the Club.

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