How to Remove the Starter in a K5 Blazer

by Christian Killian

Removing the starter motor in your Chevy K5 Blazer may be necessary if the starter is dragging, grinding or has stopped working. Chevy manufactured the K5 series Blazers from 1969 through 2000 and though the body design varied over the years, the procedure for removal of the starter has not. The most common engine found in these trucks was a 350-cubic-inch displacement small-block V8. The other option found commonly through the production run is the 305-cubic-inch V8, which uses the same block as the 350 but with slightly smaller piston diameters inside the engine.

Step 1

Open the hood of your Blazer and locate the battery on the passenger side of the engine compartment. Loosen the bolt on the negative battery cable end with a wrench, then lift the cable off the battery.

Step 2

Raise the front of your Blazer with a jack and support it with a set of jack stands positioned under the frame. Remove the jack, allowing the jack stands to securely hold the front of the truck off the ground.

Step 3

Locate the starter motor on the passenger side of the engine from under the Blazer. Locate the starter mounting bolts on the front of the starter, running straight up through the starter motor and into the engine block from the bottom. Remove the bolts with a socket and ratchet while supporting the starter with your free hand.

Step 4

Drop the starter low enough to reach the starter wires connected to the back of the starter solenoid. There are two terminals--the "S" and the "B" terminals--and both are marked on the solenoid. Remove the retaining nuts from both terminals with a socket and ratchet or a wrench, then slide the wires off the terminals.

Step 5

Lower the starter out of the engine compartment. Move the old starter motor out from under the truck. You can now have it tested or replace it with a new starter motor.

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