How to Remove the Starter on a 2004 Ford Escape

by Tyson Simmons

Starters use an electrical charge from a vehicle's battery to engage the engine to get it running. Starters, depending on the manufacturer and possibility of defects, can last anywhere from 20,000 to 150,000 miles. After time, however, they will go out and must be removed so they can be replaced. Removing the starter in your 2004 Ford Escape requires only a few basic tools and 10 to 15 minutes of time.

Step 1

Park your Ford in a flat area where you can access the front end of the vehicle. Be sure to lock the parking brake to prevent the possibility of rolling or sliding.

Step 2

Open the Ford's hood and disconnect the negative terminal from the battery using a crescent wrench.

Step 3

Climb under the front of the vehicle and locate the starter. This part is covered with an aluminum sleeve and is located between the transmission housing and the base of the radiator carriage.

Step 4

Remove the electrical connection on the starter using a 12 mm socket wrench. Be sure to keep track of the connection's washer, as you will need to use it with any replacement starter.

Step 5

Remove the two mounting bolts on the sides of the starter using a 12 mm socket.

Step 6

Gently slide the starter out of its housing.

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