How to Remove Stains From Car Carpet

by Nikki Cash

A car's carpet is victim to many food, dirt, and grease stains. Clean the carpet every once in a while to maintain a fresh and clean surface, even if it is only the floor. The sooner stains are dealt with, the easier they are to remove. Although many carpet cleaners are available in automotive stores, regular household items can remove stains just as well without leaving a greasy residue as carpet cleaners usually do, which will only attract more dirt in the future.

Blot any fresh coffee stains with a paper towel until the liquid is absorbed. Spray window cleaner on the affected area until soaked. Let the solution absorb into the carpet for five minutes. Blot excess liquid with paper towels.

Rub on paint thinner to any greasy spots with a cotton cloth. Test on a discreet part of the carpet before applying to make sure it does not affect the carpet color. Cover the stain with salt until the excess liquid is absorbed. Vacuum to remove salt.

Apply hair spray on any ink stains until fully absorbed into the carpet. Let the hairspray sit for 5 to 10 minutes before brushing off with a scrub brush.

Soak any vomit stains with club soda and wipe down.

Mix a gallon of hot water, three squirts of dish soap, and one cup of white vinegar. Apply this mixture to clean the carpet and work into the carpet with a scrub brush. Let the cleaning mixture sit for 30 minutes before wiping down with dry towels.

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