How to Remove Heat Shields on a Honda Catalytic Converter

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The heat shields on a Honda catalytic converter are there to keep the hot catalytic converter covered. The heat shield above the catalytic converter keeps the heat from the converter from penetrating the floor of the car. The heat shield on the bottom of the converter keeps the high heat from coming in contact with anything that may be underneath the car. Heat shield become damaged and corroded over time, so they must be removed and replaced; here's how.

Cool the car down before doing anything to it. The exhaust heats up the catalytic converter quickly and it becomes very hot, which can cause burns on your skin.

Raise the car up with the jack and place the jack stands on the left side of the car under the frame near each tire. This keeps the left side of the car raised so you can get under the car to the catalytic converter. You won't need to raise both sides of the car.

Locate the catalytic converter, which should be in the center of the car. Remove the bolt on the heat shield. There are two bolts in the front and two bolts in the rear of the shield.

Pull the bottom heat shield off. The top shield is loose and should be able to slide out from behind the catalytic converter.

Remove the jack stands and lower the car.


  • check Always replace the heat shields covering the catalytic converter after removing the old ones.

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