How to Remove the Clutch Pedal Safety Switch From a Honda Accord

by Justin Moore
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The Honda Accord has been in production since 1976 and has the distinction of being the first Japanese automobile manufactured in the U.S., first coming off a domestic assembly line in 1982 at a plant in Marysville, Ohio. The clutch pedal safety switch on the Accord sends an electrical signal to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) when the clutch pedal is pressed. This interrupts the cruise control system, allowing the vehicle to slow down and to prevent over-revving the engine. This switch also disables the starter to prevent the vehicle from being cranked when the clutch pedal is not depressed.

Step 1

Locate the clutch pedal safety switch at the top of the clutch pedal shaft. Unplug the electrical connector.

Step 2

Loosen the 12 mm lock nut that secures the switch to the bracket.

Step 3

Slide the clutch pedal safety switch out of the bracket.

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