How to Remove a Rear Rotor on a Ford F-150

by Robert Good

Removing the rear rotor from a Ford F-150 is not any different than removing the rear rotor from any other truck. The rear rotor is housed behind the rear wheel, and the brake caliper sits on top of the rotor. The rotor is what the brake pads squeeze to stop the Ford F-150 while the F-150 is in motion. The rotor is mounted to the rear axle by four bolts, with securing nuts connected to the ends of the bolts. The rear rotor needs to be replaced every few thousand miles.

Remove the lug nuts from the rear tire with the tire iron. Jack up the rear of the Ford F-150 with the jack and pull off the rear tire.

Set the parking brake and remove the four securing nuts from the support bolts in the middle of the rear rotor with the ratchet set.

Pull the rear rotor off of the axle with your hands. If the rotor is stuck, use the hammer to tap the rotor off of the axle.


  • close Allow the rear rotor to cool off before you start to remove it. If you have just driven the F-150, the rear rotor will be extremely hot.

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