How to Change the Front Shocks on a Tundra

by Robert Good
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The shock absorbers on your Toyota Tundra allow you to drive over bumps and other debris on the road comfortably. Shock absorbers are now filled with nitrogen to stop the shock from overheating while you are driving. Toyota offers different shocks for all types of driving conditions. Determining what surface you will be driving on the most will determine what kind of shocks you will need to install on you Tundra.

Step 1

Loosen the lug nuts on the tire with the tire iron. Raise the front end of the Tundra on each side with the jack and remove the tire completely. Place the jack stands under the Tundra at the support point. Now the front end should be off of the ground for you to access the underside of the Tundra.

Step 2

Place the jack under the lower control arm and raise slightly. Remove the nut that connects the shock to the lower control arm with the wrench. Remove the washer and the rubber brushing.

Step 3

Remove the upper nut connecting the shock to the upper control arm, placing the allen wrench into the top stud to keep the shock from turning while using the wrench to remove the nut. Remove the washer and the rubber brushing from the upper control arm. Pull the shock from the control arms.

Step 4

Insert the new rubber bushing and the new washer into the upper fitting. Replace the shock with the new one and replace the nut to the upper control arm. Replace the lower washer and brushing. Replace the securing nut to the lower control arm.

Step 5

Tighten the nuts and remove the jack from under the lower control arm. Replace the tire and use the jack to remove the jack stands and lower the Tundra to the ground.

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