How to Remove Plastic Clips From Bumper

by Robert Good

The plastic clips on bumpers are important because they hold the bumper to the frame of the vehicle at the points where the bolts and screws do not. Most plastic clips are secured to the bumper by an adhesive on the rear of the clip. You will also need to remove the tab that the clip secures to on the frame in order to completely remove the clip from the frame. Every bumper is different so is the placement of the clips on every bumper.

Remove the bumper from the vehicle according to that specific vehicle. Most vehicles will need to have the wheels removed and the frame raised off of the ground on jack stands. Also the plastic wheel well covers will need to be removed to gain access to the bolts and screws that are securing the bumper to the frame of the vehicle.

Locate the plastic clips once the bumper ha been removed from the frame of the vehicle. Place the screw under the edge of a plastic clip. Lift up on the handle of the screw driver to break the clip off of the bumper. Once the clip has been removed from the bumper, remove any chips left on the bumper using the srew driver.

Sand the entire area where the plastic clip was mounted to the bumper using the 120 grit sandpaper. Remove all of the adhesive that secured the plastic clip to the bumper and any other debris left behind after you removed the clip from the frame of the bumper.

Remove the tab that the clip connects to on the frame of the vehicle by prying it off of the frame the same way that you removed the clip from the bumper. If the tab was mounted to the frame with adhesive then sand the adhesive off of the frame using the sandpaper.

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