How to Remove the Honda Odyssey Van Roof Rails

by Jenny Carver

Roof rails on the top of Honda Odyssey vans can be used for securing various different loads of cargo such as luggage, lumber, travel crates and other items. The rails are secured to the roof so that a rope can be used to tie and secure the cargo without anything touching or scratching the actual roof. Although the rails are useful, if you never use the rails, you may want to remove them. Follow these steps to remove the Honda Odyssey van roof rails from your van.

Step 1

Open the doors of the van. Starting at the front, so that you can stand in the doorway and reach the roof. You must be able to see above the roof rails and down at the screws holding the rails in place. Alternatively, use a ladder. If using a ladder, keep the doors closed and place a ladder near the side of the van.

Step 2

Locate the first screw securing the rails to the roof. The screws are at the base of the front and rear mounting legs of the rails. There are also screws in the middle two mounting legs that must be removed.

Step 3

Remove all screws with a Phillips head screwdriver. After removing all of the screws from the rails, carefully lift the rails off of the roof to avoid scratching the roof. Lift one rail at a time.

Step 4

Mix JB Weld together by squeezing equal portions of both red and black mixture onto a piece of cardboard or scrap wood and stirring it thoroughly with a clean popsicle stick. JB Weld can be purchased as most hardware or automotive retailers (see Additional Resources).

Step 5

Fill the holes left by the screws with the JB Weld, spreading it evenly using a popsicle stick. Allow the JB Weld to dry. It sets in 4 to 6 hours and cures within 14 to 24 hours. JB Weld is waterproof and can withstand extreme temperatures. It can also be painted.

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