How to Remove the Ignition Switch From an F-350

by Don Bowman
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The ignition switch on a Ford F-350 truck is located on the top of the steering column about halfway down under the dash. It operates through the use of a rod attached to the ignition tumbler. The rod runs from the tumbler through the steering column cover and has a 90-degree angle at the end. This angle protrudes through the cover facing upwards. The switch is mounted over the rod end, which is inserted into the bottom of the switch. When the key is turned, the rod moves up or down and operates the switch.

Step 1

Disconnect the negative battery cable, using a socket. Remove the lower steering column shroud, using the Phillips screwdriver. Lower the steering column by removing the three 15 mm nuts in the column support bracket on the instrument panel, using a socket. Pull the electrical plug out of the ignition switch.

Step 2

Remove the two bolts securing the ignition switch to the steering column, using the appropriate socket. Lift the ignition switch off the column.

Step 3

Install the new switch. The new switch has a pin holding the switch in the proper position to locate over the steering column rod. The ignition key should be turned all the way so the steering wheel locks. Turn the key just a slight amount toward the “On” position. Carefully place the ignition switch over the rod end making sure that the rod enters the locking hole in the base of the switch.

Step 4

Install the two bolts, leaving them loose at this point. The rod has a small amount of slack or looseness. Move the switch up gently as far as it will go, then move it down as far as it will go. Place the switch in the middle of this movement and tighten the bolts.

Step 5

Push the electrical plug into the new switch. Raise the steering column, screw in and tighten the three nuts. Install the steering column cover and reconnect the negative battery cable. Test the switch to make sure it starts only in park or neutral. If it starts in reverse or drive, loosen the two bolts, and move the switch slightly and retry.

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