How to Adjust the Seats in a Honda CR-V

by Zyon Silket

Gone are the days where you pull a metal bar located under the seat to adjust how close you sit to the steering wheel. Now cars have actuators built into the seat itself that control the distance between the driver and the steering wheel. You can even tilt the seat at an angle and, depending on the trim model you have, adjust the lumbar settings. It takes just three switches to adjust the seats in your Honda CR-V.

Step 1

Find the seat control module on the left side of the driver's seat. The module consists of three switches and is located on the side of the lower seat cushion.

Step 2

Locate the switch closest to the front of the seat. This switch is approximately two inches long and adjusts the distance between the seat and the steering wheel. Press on the front of the switch to move the seat forward. Press on the back of the switch to move the seat backward.

Step 3

Find the middle switch. This switch is approximately one inch square and adjusts the vertical pitch of the seat. Push the switch forward to lower the front of the lower seat cushion and to tilt the top of the seat back forward at the same time. Slide the switch backward to reverse the motion. This switch also adjusts the height of the seat. Pull up on the switch to raise the level of the seat, and push down on the switch to lower the level of the seat.

Step 4

Locate the switch nearest the back of the lower seat cushion. This button controls the angle of the seat back. Push forward on the switch to raise the seat back forward. Push back on the switch to lower the seat back. This switch also controls the lumbar settings. Push down on the switch to lower the amount of lumbar support applied to your spine, and push up on the switch to increase the lumbar support on your spine.

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