How to Remove a Hubcap

by Editorial Team

When it's time to replace a hubcap, it can be a challenge if you have never had a flat tire or removed them before. Evaluate your hubcap system before beginning so you can tell what type of tools you'll need to remove it. Read on to learn how to remove a hubcap.

Step 1

Inspect the hubcap to see if it's held on by lug nuts or bolt near the center of the tire.

Step 2

Find your lug nut wrench, and remove the lug nuts by starting to loosen them with the wrench. Continuing to loosen with your fingers, so you can tell when they are all the way loose without taking them off.

Step 3

Look at the lug nuts holding the tire on closely. They may actually be lug nut covers that can be popped off using a screwdriver. The caps hold the hubcap in place.

Step 4

Use the end of the jack or a screwdriver to pry the hubcap off the tire. Work your way around the hubcap like you would when opening a paint can.

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