How to Remove the Headliner From a 2007 GMC Sierra

by Jenny Carver

The headliner in a 2007 GMC Sierra is a fairly simple design. It is either small for a single cab truck, medium sized for an extended cab truck or large for a crew cab truck. All of these headliners are made from a thin fabric material and all have a center dome light and sun visors attached to them. To remove the headliner from a 2007 GMC Sierra, you will need a few regular tools and 30 minutes.

Step 1

Pop the cover off of the dome light in the center of the ceiling using a flat screwdriver. Remove the Phillips screws found next to the bulb. Pull the plastic light housing down from the ceiling. The light bulb and wire will remain hanging from the ceiling.

Step 2

Unscrew the Phillips screws from the sun visors. There are three screws on each plastic triangle that attach the sun visors to the ceiling. Take the sun visors down. Unscrew and remove the Phillips screws from the plastic garment hook on each side of the truck. On a single cab, these hooks are just behind the driver's seat and in extended cab and crew cab Sierra models they are over the rear doors.

Step 3

Remove the Phillips screws from the plastic trim that surrounds the headliner. Remove the screws and pull the trim down. The GMC Sierra's headliner should now come down easily.

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