How to Remove a Dodge Grand Caravan's Overhead Console

by Allen Moore

The Dodge Grand Caravan overhead console contains map lights and small storage compartments. Located on the ceiling, between the driver and passenger seats, the overhead console places these conveniences within easy reach of the front-seat occupants. Since the console is made of plastic, it breaks easily due to prolonged wear and tear or excessive force applied to it accidentally. Anyone with a smidgen of mechanical aptitude can remove an overhead console from a Dodge Grand Caravan in less than 10 minutes.

Open the Grand Caravan's overhead console compartments by hand to expose the four retaining screws. Remove these screws with the Phillips screwdriver.

Pry the overhead console loose with the trim tool by slipping the head of the trim tool between the console and the Grand Caravan's headliner and then gently prying downward.

Grasp the overhead console with both hands and remove it from the ceiling.


  • check You can purchase an inexpensive trim tool from your local auto supply store.

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