How to Remove a Front Bumper on a Mercedes

by Maria Martin
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Making some repairs and accessing certain parts of a Mercedes requires removing the front bumper. The front bumper on a Mercedes is a metal beam that goes across the front end of the car, covered by a painted piece of plastic called the bumper cover. A Mercedes dealership or auto repair specialist will charge time and labor for bumper removal. With a few tools, you can remove the bumper yourself.

Step 1

Jack the car up high enough to get it off of the ground. The front end should be high enough that you can work on the front bumper without allowing it scratching the ground.

Step 2

Remove the two plastic panels under the engine compartment. Using the ratchet, remove all of the screws from the two plastic panels.

Step 3

Disconnect the marker bulb sockets on each side of the car. Disconnect the fog-light cable connector on each side of the car.

Step 4

Pull the temperature sensor out of the bumper. Using the ratchet, remove the two screws securing the plastic wheel-well shield.

Step 5

Remove the radiator guard with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the guard up then out toward you.

Step 6

Remove the two 6mm bolts that attach the bumper to the front corner of the fender. Remove the two 6mm nuts that attach the bumper to the frame in the front of the car.

Step 7

Remove the four 6mm bolts securing the grill. Gently remove the bumper from the front of the car.

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