How to Remove the Front Bumper on a Dodge Charger

by Robert Good
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The front bumper on the Dodge Charger will absorb the shock from another vehicle when that other vehicle hits you or you hit the other vehicle. Once the front bumper on the Dodge Charger is damaged, the front bumper must be replaced or rebuilt. The only way that the front bumper can be properly worked on is to remove it from the car. It should only take you about an hour to properly remove the bumper.

Step 1

Park the Dodge Charger in a well-lit work area. Open the hood and locate the plastic coverings over the radiator. Remove the top plastic shield that covers the front bumper's clips and screws.

Step 2

Remove the two end fasteners with the screwdriver. Locate screws and body clips that are securing the bumper in place. Remove all of the screws with a screwdriver from top middle to bottom middle. There are approximately 12 screws and four clips securing the bumper to the Charger's frame. The bumper is fastened to the Charger under a wheel well. Remove the wheel well cover with the screwdriver and ratchet set, then remove the screw connecting the bumper to the frame with the screwdriver.

Step 3

Pull the bumper panels away from the body panels of the front fender. Most body panels overlap to position the pieces together. Pull all the bumper's panel edges from under the body parts.

Step 4

The clips are held together with clipping on the the side. Push the clips tabs in from the side and pull the bumper away from the clip. Disconnect the turn signal wiring that are included in the bumper package. Reinstall wiring on the bumper to maintain all safety equipment.

Step 5

Pull the bumper away from the Charger once the screws and clips are released. Make sure that all of the panels are released from the Charger's frame. Pull the bumper away from the car.

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