How to Remove the Front Axles From a Dakota

by Chris Moore

Front axle assemblies are only used on four-wheel drive models of the Dodge Dakota truck. The axle assembly is connected to the engine and the differential. You may need to disconnect other components depending on the exact year of the Dakota. If you need to remove the front axles from your Dakota, you will need plenty of garage or workshop space.

Step 1

Raise the truck's front end and support it on jack stands, making sure the jack stands support the truck on the frame rails. Remove both front wheels.

Step 2

Disconnect the brake calipers and mounting brackets from the discs by removing their bolts with a wrench, then slip the brake discs off.

Step 3

Disconnect the nut connecting the drive axle to the hub, placing a pry bar between two of the wheel studs to keep the hub from turning.

Step 4

Remove the hub bearing and the brake disc shield by removing the hub's retaining nuts from the back side of the steering knuckle.

Step 5

Pry the inner CV joint assembly from the front differential using the pry bar, making sure you don't damage the differential, then guide the drive axle out from underneath the truck.

Step 6

Detach the crossmember by removing its mounting bolts, disconnect the driveshaft from the differential pinion flange and support it with a rope or wire, then disconnect the vent tube from the differential cover.

Step 7

Raise a floor jack under the differential to support the axle assembly. Remove the assembly's bolts and fasteners at the left engine mount, pinion nose bracket and right engine mount and then lower the jack to remove the axles.

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