How to Remove a Ford Ranger Tailgate

by Jeffrey Caldwell
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The tailgate on your Ford Ranger helps to secure loads in your truck bed, but in some cases when you looking to haul especially large or long, the tailgate can become an hindrance. In addition, if your tailgate is rusted or otherwise damaged, you may want to replace it. Fortunately, the tailgate on your Ranger was designed to be removed easily.

Step 1

Open the tailgate. Disconnect the tailgate retaining straps from the anchor points on the bed. Pry open the clips that secure the straps to the anchor point using a flat blade screwdriver.

Step 2

Push the strap ends upward and toward the front of the vehicle. Separate them from the anchor points.

Step 3

Separate the tailgate from the right hinge at the back of the truck bed by lifting it upward. Separate the tailgate from the left hinge by lifting it upward.

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