How to Remove Fence Scratches on a Car

by Marisa Swanson

There is no limit to what can cause a scratch on the surface of a car. And not all scratches are the same. Some only affect the top coat, while others penetrate into the paint of the car. Keying, fences and other minor run-ins can nick your car and dramatically affect its appearance. The good news is that, with a few products from a do-it-yourself auto store, you can remove scratches on your own.

Use a soft cloth to rub shoe polish over the scratches so they stand out against the paint.

Apply plenty of water to the sandpaper and attach to the sanding block. The edges of the paper fit into grooves on either side of the block. Rub the wet sandpaper over the scratches on the car until the polish is removed.

Apply rubbing compound to the scratches. There is a pointed tip on the bottle that allows you to directly apply the compound to the scratch.

Use the polisher tool over the scratches to bring back the shine to the paint. Be careful not to buff too much, or you could remove some of the paint.

Use a soft cloth to hand-buff the scratches, making sure to remove all of the rubbing compound. Finish with an application of car wax.

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