How to Remove the Engine From a VW Beatle

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The German manufacturer Volkswagen began production of the Beetle in 1938 and continued until 2003. The engine is known as the Type 1 engine. Volkswagens in general are known for their ease of maintenance since the engine is quite basic and requires no special tools to remove it. The engine is removed by raising it out of the chassis (the supporting frame) and then raising the engine high enough to pull it fully out and away from the Beetle.

Step 1

Apply the parking break and chalk (block) the wheels. Plastic chalks can be used or a rock or wood block.

Step 2

Place the transmission in neutral.

Step 3

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Step 4

Remove the air cleaner to increase clearance.

Step 5

Disconnect the accelerator cable.

Step 6

Disconnect all the wiring from the engine, including the alternator cable, choke, backup lights, oil pressure sending unit, the coil, etc.

Step 7

Disconnect and plug the fuel line.

Step 8

Disconnect the heater hoses.

Step 9

Unscrew and remove the front breast plate, located at the rear.

Step 10

Jack up the car and place the jack stand securely beneath.

Step 11

Remove the four bolts attaching the engine to the transmission.

Step 12

Place the floor jack under the oil sump pump cover. Jack it up just enough to put a slight lift on the engine.

Step 13

Remove the engine mounting bolts.

Step 14

Jack up the car more, if needed, to raise the body.

Step 15

Slide the engine straight back out of the transmission.

Step 16

Lower the floor jack supporting the engine and slide the engine out from underneath the car.

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