How to Remove Door Panels on a Saturn Outlook

by Nichole Liandi

Removing the door panels of your Saturn Outlook is essential if you want to perform maintenance tasks like replacing a bad window motor or perform other tasks, like replacing the stock speakers in the doors. The job isn't a hard one to do, technically, if you follow some simple steps and have a few hand tools at your disposal.

Step 1

Pry off the screw cover behind the door release panel. Use a panel tool or a thin-bladed knife. Be careful not to scratch the plastic. You'll see one Torx T30 size screw. Remove it and set the screw and screw cover aside in a safe place.

Step 2

Pry away the cover of the door pull. You'll find the pry point at the bottom front edge of the pull. This will expose two T30 screws. Remove them, and set the screws and door pull cover aside in a safe place.

Step 3

Pry out the sides and bottom of the door panel with your panel tool. Work around the edge in small segments to be sure you release all the clips.

Step 4

Pull the panel away from the door, and unclip any wiring harnesses connected to door switches. Set the door panel off to the side. The panel is now removed, and you have access to the inside of the door.

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