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How Remove a Dashboard on a Ford Expedition

by Eric Cedric

The Ford Expedition is a full size sport utility vehicle. The Expedition has a CD/AM/FM radio on the dash along with the heat, air conditioning and light controls. If you need to replace or repair any of these fixtures, you first need to remove the dashboard of the Ford Expedition. This task is possible at home. Save money from shop labor costs and remove the dashboard on your own.

Step 1

Unscrew the attachment screws found to the left of the speedometer bezel, the dial surrounding the gauge. Set the screws aside once removed.

Step 2

Unscrew the attachment screws underneath the glove box, found on the outside corner of the glove box. Set them aside with the other attachment screws so they do not get lost and are available when you go to put the dashboard back on.

Step 3

Pry the dashboard at the outer edges gently using the flathead screwdriver. Pry the dashboard off the housing panel. Over time, this begins to stick together, necessitating the need to gently pry the dashboard off the panel. Pull on the dashboard once its pried off until you hear the plastic holding clips disengage.

Pull the dashboard out from the Expedition panel going straight toward the seats. Remove the dashboard to the outside of the Expedition.

Items you will need

  • Phillip's screwdrivers
  • Small flathead screwdriver

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