How to Remove the Dash in a Corvette

by Michael Cantrell
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Learning to make repairs on your Corvette yourself can save you a lot of hassles, time and money. A crucial element of avoiding costly mechanic repairs is learning how to fix the inner parts of your Corvette, especially all of the electronics behind the dashboard. Taking the dashboard out of your Corvette is a time-consuming project, but all you need to complete this job is a set of simple, everyday tools.

Step 1

Use a screwdriver to take out the screws at the base of the center console. Lift up the center console panel.

Step 2

Take out the screws securing the center bezel in place. Slide a flat-head screwdriver under the bezel and pry it off.

Step 3

Unplug the wires connected to the back of the center console piece. Depending on what type of connectors are used, you might need to use pliers to disconnect the wires.

Step 4

Take out the four screws in the dashboard. There will be two screws located in the upper corners and two in the lower corners. Depending on the type of Corvette you have, the bottom screws might be located beneath the steering wheel, at the base of the steering column.

Step 5

Remove the control knobs on the dashboard. Some of these might pop off, or you may need to use a punch to help remove them. Remove the control pin at the base of the knob with the punch.

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