How to Remove the Console on a KIA Rio

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Kia Rio's console is between the front seats on models that have front bucket seats. The console attaches to the floorboard with a few clips and screws; however, to remove it, you'll need to remove a few small panels attached to it. Removing the center console is necessary if you want to remove the Rio's carpet or make repairs to the gear shift assembly.

Step 1

Turn off the Rio's engine. Set the parking brake lever. Disconnect the negative battery cable with pliers.

Step 2

Examine the front part of the console. You'll see a small panel containing the cigarette lighter and a power adapter. Remove the lighter. Pry around the edges of the panel with a trim removal tool. Pull it off and unplug the three connections from the back.

Step 3

Pry around the shift panel with the trim removal tool and pull it off. Slide it up and over the shift knob.

Step 4

Examine the area beneath the parking brake handle. You'll see another panel. Pry off the panel with the trim removal tool. Lift it up and over the parking brake handle.

Step 5

Remove the Phillips screw from each cup holder. Grasp the front edges of the console and pull outward to release the mounting clips.

Step 6

Lift the console up and out of the Rio to remove it.

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