How to Remove a Console on a C-6 Corvette

by Thomas West

The Corvette is a two-seat sports car made by the Chevrolet Division of General Motors. The first Corvette appeared as a 1953 model and sported a fiberglass body. The sixth-generation Corvette, still with a fiberglass body, was introduced as a 2005 model and is still in production as of 2010. The C-6 comes with standard, non-pop-up headlights, which have not been used on Corvettes since 1962. The center console between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat of the C-6 Corvette may be removed for replacement or repair.

Step 1

Open the hinged cover on the console to reveal its four retaining screws. Remove the screws with a T15 torx screwdriver. Lift the cover straight up and remove it from the console.

Step 2

Locate the black box, which is the F55 switch, at the rear of the console storage area. Firmly pull the switch out of its connector and place it aside. Skip this step if your Corvette does not have the F55 electronic suspension control option.

Step 3

Remove the two console retaining screws with a 7 mm wrench. Pull up on the front of the parking brake lever boot to reveal the two passenger-side console trim-plate screws. Remove them with a 7mm wrench. Pull the trim plate down from the dashboard and remove it.

Step 4

Lift up on the rear of the console to release the six console retaining tabs from the dashboard. Lift the console up carefully a few inches, as the wiring connectors are still attached to its underside. Reach under the console and press in on the locking tab of each connector while pulling it from its wiring harness. Repeat for all connectors.

Step 5

Remove the shift knob on a manual transmission by screwing it off counterclockwise. Place the transmission in 1st gear if your C-6 Corvette has an automatic transmission.

Step 6

Lift the console straight up and over the shift lever. Remove the console from the car interior. Place the transmission back into park if your car has an automatic.

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