How to Remove a Chevy Impala Door Panel

by Alibaster Smith

The door panel on a Chevy Impala needs to come off if you need to change the door handles or access the lock rod or window control modules behind the door panel. The panel is held in place with several screws and retaining clips. You'll need a special tool to remove the panel, called a trim removal tool, which can be purchased at most auto parts stores.

Pry up on the trim cover on the door panel with a trim removal tool. They will normally be located just behind the door handle. There is a small notch cut in the trim panel so that you can pry up on it.

Remove the bolts underneath the panel.

Wedge the trim removal tool under the door panel and pry it off the door frame. Once it starts to come off, you can grab it with your hand and pull as you work the tool around the outside of the panel.

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