How to Remove a Chevy Dashboard

by Alibaster Smith

The dashboard on a Chevy is held in place primarily with retaining screw bolts and screws. Removing the dashboard is a straightforward process but does require the help of an assistant when removing the dash from the vehicle. The location of the retaining screws and bolts will vary according to the year and model of your Chevy.

Open the doors on the Chevy and remove the end screws that hold the dash in place. These screws are on the ends of the dash and only accessible when the doors are open.

Remove the screw bolts underneath the dash.These bolts are typically in the driver and passenger foot wells. They may be underneath the dash in the footwells or on the front of the bottom of the dash.

Remove the defroster grill by prying it up with a trim removal tool.

Remove the screws underneath the defroster grill.

Pry the center bezel off the radio and HVAC control unit.

Remove the two screws on the underside of the cowl on the gauge cluster panel.

Remove the plastic protective cover from the gauge bezel. It should pull off now that you've removed the screws holding it in place.

Remove the four screws holding the gauge cluster to the dash and slide the cluster assembly forward.

Remove all of the plugs on the back of the gauge cluster and set the cluster aside.

Pry up the dashboard starting on the driver side of the dash. You may need to use the trim removal tool for this. Wedge the teeth of the tool underneath the dash and pry up on it until the retaining clips pop up. Work around the entire dash until all of the clips have been pried up.

Pull the dash out through the passenger side door with the help of an assistant.


  • check For specific information about removing your Chevy's dashboard, consult the particular vehicle's manual (see Resources).

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