How to Remove a Car Dent at Home

by Jeffrey Brian

A small car dent or ding can be costly if taken to an auto repair shop. A ding or dent can be fixed at home in a few minutes.

Dry ice works well, but it only works on metal surfaces, particularly on thin ones, such as that of vehicles made in the last 15 years. Look over the damage to determine whether the dry ice method will work.

Put on a pair of thick rubber gloves. Heat the area with a hair dryer. Keep it on a medium setting, 5-7" from the surface. If your hair dryer does not have multiple settings, place a piece of aluminum foil against the car's metal surface and then use the blow dryer. Dry for approximately one to two minutes.

Place a piece of aluminum foil against the panel. Rub a piece of dry ice on the foil over the panel. Move the ice around. It will quickly cool the panel, creating a popping reaction.

Repeat this process as needed until the dent pops out to your liking.

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