How to Remove a Camshaft Sensor for a 3000GT

by Russell Wood

The camshaft sensor on a Mitsubishi 3000GT tells the computer the position of the camshaft in the engine, which the computer uses to determine timing and ignition adjustments. When this sensor fails, the computer won't receive that signal, a code will trigger in the computer and the check engine light will activate. To remove the check engine light, the camshaft sensor will have to be replaced. First though, you have to remove the old sensor.

Pop the hood. Locate the camshaft sensor housing, which is just behind the intake tubing. It's circular in shape, with a harness plugged directly into the top of it. Unbolt the spark plug bracket from the sensor with a wrench and lift the spark plug wires out of the way with your hands.

Unplug the camshaft sensor from the housing, using your hands. Unbolt the mounting nut in the upper right corner of the housing with an open-end wrench.

Carefully pry the housing away from the engine block using the flat-head screwdriver, then pull it up and out of the engine compartment.

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