How to Remove a Camaro A/C Compressor

by Jeffrey Caldwell

Automotive air-conditioning systems on the Chevrolet Camaro utilize a refrigerant called Freon to generate the cold air that is blown into the passenger cabin. The heart of the system, the compressor, is bolted to the right side of the engine near the valve cover. Over time the seals and bearings inside the compressor can wear out, and your A/C may lose the cooling power it once had. Removal of the A/C compressor on a Camaro can be accomplished by the home mechanic, although an A/C professional must evacuate the system.

Take the Camaro to a Chevrolet dealer or auto air-conditioning specialist and have the refrigerant completely evacuated from the air-conditioning system.

Disconnect the ground cable from the negative battery terminal. Use a wrench to loosen the retaining nut, and pull the clamp off the terminal.

Remove the wiring harness from the compressor by pulling the plastic connector off the rear of the compressor.

Remove the bolts that connect the refrigerant lines to the rear of the compressor, using a socket.

Separate the refrigerant lines from the unit by pulling them off.

Loosen the adjustment bolt on the front of the compressor, using a wrench. Slide the compressor toward the engine.

Pull the drive belt off the pulley.

Unscrew the nuts and bolts that secure the compressor to the mounting bracket.

Lift the compressor out of the car.


  • check If the A/C compressor will be off the car for a long time, plug the refrigerant lines. This will keep oil, dirt and moisture from contaminating the lines.


  • close It is illegal to release Freon into the atmosphere. The A/C system must be evacuated by a certified technician before you can service it.

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