How to Remove Boot Marks From Motorcycle Pipes

by Tia Shamoon

If you own a motorcycle, chances are you have had to deal with boot scuffs on the exhaust pipes if they are not protected by a plastic shield. Many riders scratch their chrome pipes while trying to clean off boot scuffs and other items that have melted onto the hot pipes. Using a penny for exhaust cleaning is ideal because copper is softer than chrome, especially pennies made before 1982 when the copper content was higher at 95 percent.

Crank your motorcycle's engine and let it run for about five minutes to get the pipes hot. Put on thick gloves. Place a penny in a pair of pliers.

Turn off the motorcycle engine. Use the edge of the penny to rub over the scuff marks until they are gone.

Spray a small amount of oven cleaner onto a terry cloth. Apply the oven cleaner in a circular motion over the boot-scuffed area if rubber has melted onto the pipe. Use an exhaust pipe cleaner to restore shine to the pipes once they're clean.

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