How to Remove the Battery in a Hyundai Tucson

by Wirnani Garner
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First debuted in 2005, the Tucson represents Hyundai's first steps into the small SUV car market. Combining body style elements from sport utility vehicles with a more economic engine, helped the Tucson launch as a successful car brand. The engine in these vehicles is reliable and generally only requires basic maintenance, such as changing the battery periodically.

Step 1

Pull the hood release lever, located just inside the driver's door, near the floor, to open the hood of the Hyundai Tucson. Use a ratchet equipped with a metric socket set to remove the engine cover.

Step 2

Locate the battery and spray a small quantity of terminal corrosion spray on the negative node of the battery. Using the wire brush, scrub off any residue of corrosion on the nodes. Use a 19mm box-end wrench to loosen the bolt on the connection to the negative node. When the terminal is loose enough, wiggle the negative battery terminal out.

Step 3

Remove the positive battery cable using the same method that was used to remove the negative cable. Use a wrench to loosen the connections on the cable, and clean any corrosion from the surface.

Step 4

Remove the old battery and set it to the side. Lift the battery from its tray and completely remove it from the engine section. Insert a new battery into the exact place that the old battery was removed from. The Hyundai Tucson uses a 9 volt 24-24F car battery. Clean the battery terminals using a wire brush.

Step 5

Align the terminals to the adjacent nodes of the battery. Connect the positive node to the positive battery terminal and the negative node to the negative terminal. Use a 19mm box wrench to secure the connectors to the terminal posts. Spray the terminals with anti-corrosion spray and then place the engine cover securely above the battery.

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