How to Remove the Battery From a C4 Corvette

by Allen Moore

The C4 Corvette is the fourth generation of Chevrolet's popular sports car, manufactured from 1984 through 1996. The C4 has one of the more difficult batteries to change since it is located down inside the driver’s side front fender well. While it is not as easy to access as most car batteries, it is not impossible. Anyone with basic automotive repair experience and some physical flexibility can remove a C4 battery in less than a half hour.

Step 1

Turn the front wheels all the way to the left to expose the left, rear fender well cover and access panel.

Step 2

Open the hood. Remove the five screws holding the rear fender well cover to the access panel using a Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 3

Remove the bolt from the top of the access panel with the socket set.

Step 4

Loosen the lower bolt in the access panel with a box wrench but do not remove it.

Step 5

Remove the battery cable ends from the battery, starting with the negative cable, using the battery wrench.

Step 6

Unbolt the battery hold down hardware with the socket set. Pick the battery up and remove it from the C4.

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