How to Remove an ATV Drive Shaft

by Mark O'Brien
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When the transmission fails or if a bushing goes out on your ATV, you need to remove the drive shaft in order to repair the four-wheeler. The drive shaft is the main shaft connected to the transmission on the bottom of ATVs. Removing your all-terrain vehicle's drive shaft can easily be done with a few tools in your own garage--and it saves you the pricey mechanic's bill.

Step 1

Drive the ATV up on the ramps, turn it off and remove the key. Place blocks of wood behind the ATV's rear wheels to prevent it from rolling off the ramps.

Step 2

Slide under the engine of the ATV. Remove the four bolts holding the skid shield over the drive shaft on the bottom of the ATV engine with a crescent wrench.

Step 3

Unscrew the mounting bolt on each end of the drive shaft with the two crescent wrenches. Tighten one crescent wrench on the nut and one crescent wrench on the bolt head to unscrew them with ease.

Step 4

Pry the two U-shaped retaining clips out of each side of the universal joint on each end of the drive shaft with the screwdriver, and finish pulling them out with the pliers.

Step 5

Pull the spring-loaded safety pin out with the pliers, then slide the drive shaft off on each end.

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