How to Remove an Alternator Connector Tab

by Michael Dickson

The alternator connecting wires serve the same purpose for each vehicle. There is a thin black wire that is attached to the negative side of the vehicle's battery, and the wiring harness that connects the vehicle's electrical components. Both of these wires attach at the same place in the back of the alternator. The alternator connecting tabs often cause frustration to do-it-yourself mechanics due to a hidden nut preventing the easy removal of the wires.

Step 1

Locate the thin black wire on the negative side of the battery. Follow the wire as it joins the wiring harness on the left side of the vehicle and across the top of the motor to the back of the alternator.

Step 2

Locate the connector tab on the back of the alternator. It's usually covered by a black boot, and the wires run directly into it. It looks similar to the black boot of a spark plug wire, which is the main cause of frustration as a spark plug boot and wire simply pull off.

Step 3

Pull the black boot back, revealing either a small nut or a Phillips-head screw. Remove the nut using the appropriate-size wrench, or loosen and remove the connector tab using the Phillips screwdriver.

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