How to Remove a 1999 Ford F-150 Dash

by Chris Moore

The Ford F-150's dashboard is made up of multiple trim panels. They include the knee bolsters or kick panels, the glove compartment, the bezel surrounding the radio/air conditioner controls, and the covers on the steering column. Many of these panels are also partially covered by the center trim panel at the top of the dashboard. Removing the Ford's dashboard is a matter of removing each of these panels individually.


Detach the center trim panel by prying out the clips at the bottom with a small screwdriver and then unsnapping the clips at the top.


Open and detach the fuse panel cover on the passenger side, disconnect the emergency brake and hood release handles on the driver side, and remove the lower screws on the knee bolster with a screwdriver. Pry off the floor heater duct and remove the upper edge retaining screws to remove the knee bolster.


Open up the glove box and press down on the door stops to release the box's upper half. Pull the box up and out to detach the lower half and remove the glove box.


Grasp the radio trim bezel with both hands and pull it straight out to detach it.


Remove the steering column cover by disconnecting the key lock cylinder and tilt wheel lever, removing the screws on the lower half of the cover and separating the cover halves to detach them.


  • check To remove the ignition key lock cylinder, turn it to the Run position with the key, insert a 1/8-inch punch into the hole at the bottom of the steering column cover, and press on the punch while pulling out the cylinder. Use a small wrench to remove the tilt wheel lever.

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