How to Release the Fuel Line in a Ford Ranger

by Allen Moore

Modern Fords are equipped with a socket and clip system to maintain fuel line integrity at each connection point. Unlike the old steel lines that could be removed with two box wrenches, the new lines should only be removed using a special tool. If this tool is unavailable, a pocket screwdriver can be used; however, great care should be taken because the clips are easily broken. If you break the clip, you must purchase an entire new fuel line--Ford does not offer the clips separately.


Start the Ranger and pull the fuel pump fuse with the fuse puller. (Most Ford vehicles are equipped with a fuse puller stored inside the fuse box.) Allow the Ranger to run until it stalls out from lack of fuel, which should be no more than a few minutes. Replace the fuse after the engine has stalled.


Locate the line you are attempting to disconnect, and lift the clip up with the fuel line removal tool. Once the clip is lifted, gently pull the fuel line away from the connection.

If you do not have a fuel line removal tool, carefully pry the clip out of its seat with the tip of a pocket screwdriver. Do not force it out. If you are meeting undue resistance, try coming at it from another angle, or try to pry each side of the clip separately until you have lifted the clip out.


Slide the fuel line away from the connection once the clip is out.


Reconnect the fuel line in the opposite manner in which you removed it.


  • check Fuel lines can range in price from just under $100 all the way to several hundred, so it is best to purchase the fuel line removal tool instead of chancing it.


  • close Never work on a fuel system near open flames or while smoking.

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