How to Reduce Car Engine Noise

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This article is going to tell you which ways possible you can reduce car engine noise in cab and outside. This will explain some popular and most used procedures that will work. Listen carefully to the sound that is coming from the engine. Going briefly over reducing engine noise into cab by Dynamat and Loose parts or bad components also the engine noise through the radio. These are going to resolve part or all of your quiet ride needs.

Step 1

Dynamat under the hood.

Dynamat - Expensive material but very very effective, most people use this material for car audio because it works really good to improve sound and stop vibrations and rattling. To help this reduce car engine noise drastically you would want to apply this material to the bottom of the car hood and the firewall area of the vehicle. You could also apply this material to the doors or other areas of the vehicle. Dynamat will protect the hood's paint finish from engine heat to the engine as well.

Step 2

Checking Engine Parts and Components - Checking your spark plugs to see if their in good condition could surely help reduce the vibration and noise of the engine. Tighten all loose bolts. If you are hearing a whistling or blowing sound, than an air hose or vacuum hose could be loose or disconnected.

ground loop isolator

Engine noise through the radio - From revving the engine or just constant noise. Engine noise through your speakers is from how the power is -grounded called a ground loop. Best thing you could do is take all the grounding cables in vehicle and put them one spot that is groundable, please note this is the hardest to do. Because of the difficulty, there is an additional option; buying a Ground Loop Isolator which will eliminate the electrical noise and hum caused by ground loops. This noise could also be cuased by running audio cables close together in the vehicle (ie power and rca/aux) and components such as an amp, satellite radio, mp3 player.


  • You could buy a vehicle specific book from a local auto store or rent one from the local library
  • Mechanics and Car Audio Installers could do any of these processes if you do want to
  • There are a lot of different competitors of Dynamat like (QuietCar, Brown Bread, edead and some) I just used the Dynamat name because it more recognized


  • Safety First
  • If it still doesn't quiet the engine after these processes have it checked by a mechanic, it could end up being something big
  • If you don't know what your doing or may not remember how to replace everything don't do it yourself (having it done or getting a car specific book will be effective)

Items you will need

  • Dynamat
  • Basic tools (screwdriver/wrenches)
  • Chilton's/Haynes book (recommended)
  • Ground Loop Isolator (for stereo engine noise)
  • QuietCar

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