How to Recycle Plastic Bumpers

by Nicole Vulcan
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While municipal recycling programs do accept many different types of plastics for recycling, car parts are generally not recyclable with household waste. Some car makers are working on creating more recyclable car parts, but until it's more widespread, you'll have to reuse instead of recycle your car parts. If you have a used plastic car bumper that is still in good shape, a good way to recycle it is to sell it to a junk or scrap yard that deals in used car parts.

Step 1

Remove the bumper from your car, taking care to keep the bumper as intact as possible. If there are any screws or bolts holding the bumper to the rest of the car, be sure to place them in a safe place for later use.

Step 2

Find a buyer of used car parts in your area. Check with your local garbage hauler to find out if it recommends any car parts dealers, or contact the dealer you bought the car from, to find out if it works with any specific dealers the area. Most cities have several junk car dealers that buy and sell parts, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a place to take the bumper where it will have hope of being bought. Once you've found one, find out its drop-off hours.

Step 3

Load the bumper into your vehicle and drive it to the scrap yard. As a courtesy, pass along any bolts or screws that attach the bumper to the car, if you have them. Bring along your identification, as you may have to provide it to the scrap yard to make a donation. Depending on the scrap yard, you may earn a few dollars for the donation.

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