Recommended Toyota Oils

by Daniel Westlake
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Toyota cars have specific types of oils that work better with their engines than other cars. It is important to use the proper type of motor oil with your Toyota.

Synthetic Motor Oils

The best type of motor oil to use in Toyota automobiles is synthetic motor oil, as it provides more protection to the engine in cold weather or when the engine hasn't been started in a long time. It is more durable than standard motor oils and costs slightly more. It prevents "sludging" problems, which have plagued a number of Toyota vehicle models. There are several brands of synthetic oils, and most work well with all models of Toyota automobiles.

5W-30 Motor Oils

Motor oil grade 5W-30 is recommended for all Toyota engines. It has a higher viscosity to properly coat four and six cylinder engines. Toyota recommends changing this oil type every 3,000 miles. However, some only change the oil every five of six thousand miles. This synthetic version of motor oil comes in a variety of brands, including Mobil and Quaker State.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oils

Toyota Genuine Motor Oils are designed specifically for Toyota vehicles. These oils reduce friction when the engine starts, reducing stress from heat. They also reduce the engine sludging from old bits of oil building up over time. Changing your oil filter regularly is also important for the life of the engine. Toyota motor oil works as an oil filter, as well.

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