The Toyota 13BT Specifications

by Karen Adams
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The Toyota 13BT engine was a diesel-powered engine for Toyota Land Cruisers that provided a turbocharged option needed in off-road vehicles. The BT engine is Toyota's powerful version of the 3B 3.4-L, inline, four-cylinder eight valve OHV diesel engine except with direct fuel injection. Toyota's 13BT engine provides a great option for horsepower.

History of 13BT

Honda introduced the 13BT model in 1985 along with the 12HT for Land Cruisers in 1985. The 13BT engine is an add-on to the standard 13B engine for Land Cruisers. The T indicates the engine as turbocharged, which means it has a gas compressor necessary for forced induction in an internal combustion engine. The turbocharged engine increases the density of air as it enters the engine and creates more power.

Compression, Output and Torque

The 13BT Toyota diesel engine has a compression ratio of 17.6:1 and an output of 120 horsepower at 3,400 rpm. The 13BT also provides 158 foot-pounds of torque at 2,200 rpm.

Displacement and Other Features

The Toyota 13BT engine has a displacement of 3,431 cc with a cylinder bore of 102 mm and piston stroke of 105 mm. With both cast-iron cylinder block and cylinder head alloys, the 12BT also has a OHV valvetrain.

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