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Premium Vs. Regular Gas in a Mustang GT

by Michael Scarn

Many Mustang GT owners are skeptical of the manufacturer's claim that a car must take premium fuel only. The performance of your Mustang GT, however, can vary depending on what type of fuel you use.

Power Differences

Premium gas contains a higher octane level than regular gas. The higher the fuel octane, the better the fuel compresses during the compression and combustion phases of an engine cycle. This provides more power to your Mustang GT engine.

Fuels Costs

Premium gasoline costs anywhere from 20 to 40 cents per gallon more than regular gasoline. Over time, those increased fuel costs result in spending hundreds of dollars more on premium gas instead of regular gas.

Reduced "Knocking"

The higher octane level in premium gasoline reduces “knocking” inside the engine. Knocking occurs when the engine piston compresses without the injection of gasoline. Because the Mustang GT is a high-performance vehicle, the engine is more susceptible to knocking if premium gas is not used.

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