How to Recharge the AC in a Grand Vitara

by Ryan Bauer

If your Suzuki Grand Vitara isn't cooling as quickly as it once did, low refrigerant levels are likely to blame. Over the course of several years, refrigerant normally seeps slowly past the gaskets and fittings until it reaches the point that cooling performance begins to suffer. Thanks to commercial recharging devices becoming mainstream, you can now refill the air conditioner with refrigerant easily at home without having to pay for a mechanic's assistance.

Step 1

Open and support the hood of your Grand Vitara. Locate the AC compressor. One of the devices connected to the accessory belt, the compressor sits toward the front of the engine at the bottom of the bay. Find the lines exiting the compressor, and follow the one that goes toward the top of the engine bay until you find a hookup, which somewhat resembles a large tire stem.

Step 2

Push the connector of an R-134a A/C recharge device onto the hookup you just found. It will simply slide into place once you pull back on the quick-connect fitting.

Step 3

Start the engine, turn the AC on high, and check to ensure the Suzuki is in park. The pressure gauge on the device will now indicate the level of refrigerant currently in the system. If the needle points anywhere below the green area of the gauge, the pressure has dropped too low and the Grand Vitara's system needs a recharge.

Step 4

Hold down the trigger on the recharge device. The pressure gauge will begin to rise as refrigerant enters the system. Continue depressing the trigger until the needle reaches the middle of the green zone. Do not overcharge the system by adding too much refrigerant, since you cannot remove it easily.

Step 5

Turn off the engine. Disconnect the recharge device by reversing the process used to attach it. Take a drive to test the performance of the freshly charged air conditioner.

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