How to Put Freon in a Porsche Auto Air Conditioner

by Richard Ristow

Even without minor leaks, a Porsche's air conditioning system will eventually lose its Freon. Most air conditioning repairs require the attentions of a certified mechanic. The system is extremely complex, but a home mechanic can at least complete minor maintenance. You can recharge your Porsche's Freon levels with a simple kit, which is widely available at general automotive retailers. There are two types of Freon to be considered. If the Porsche was manufactured before 1984, the vehicle requires R-12. If manufactured after 1984, the automobile needs R-134a.

Step 1

Open the Porsche's engine compartment, and locate the vehicle's aluminum air conditioning pipes. You will find two sets of pipes of differing diameter. You will need to find the thicker pipe connected with the compressor. It will feature a low pressure service port with a blue or black covering.

Step 2

Pull the covering off of the low pressure service connection. Fit a Freon recharging kit to the low side connection.

Step 3

Set the recharging kit down on top of the engine. It needs to remain far away from any engine parts that will move.

Step 4

Start the porsche's engine. Start the air conditioner with the air temperature on the lowest degree. Switch the Porsche's air blower to the highest setting.

Step 5

Exit the Porsche and open all of the doors. Then, return to the engine compartment and the recharging kit.

Step 6

Release the Freon into the Porsche's air conditioner. Rotate the kit's nozzle downwards completely. Allow exactly 60 seconds of Freon to rush into the pipes and then close off nozzle by turning it upwards.

Step 7

Wait 60 seconds and allow the air conditioner's blower to circulate the Freon through the system. Continue to add Freon in 60 seconds of charge with 60 seconds of circulation.

Step 8

Monitor the gauge on top of the recharging kit. This gauge measures system pressure and will tell you when the system is charged. There are two other ways to check if the process is completed. The Porsche's air conditioners will be evenly cold. If you place a thermometer into the air conditioner's central duct, you will be able to monitor the internal air temperature. A charged systems will measure at 40 degrees. If the you are recharging the Porsche in hot weather, the system could become consistent anywhere between 40 and 60 degrees.

Step 9

Detach the Recharge kit and fit the covering back onto the low side pressure connection. Let the engine and the air conditioner run for another 15 minutes. That will allow the blower to fully circulate through the entire system.

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